Road Safety on Church Road

You may have noticed that an electronic VAS (Vehicle Actuated Sign) has appeared opposite The Barns gym to warn motorists that the speed limit is 30mph.

This new VAS is the first stage of the much larger Church Road bridgeimprovements that will be carried out by the County Council later this month.

The new scheme will include traffic lights and a footway over the bridge connecting the church car park to the school. This will allow parents and their children safe access to the school at drop off and pick up times. 


5 thoughts on “Road Safety on Church Road

    • Hi Katie
      The lights will be permanent. My only disappointment is that the footway will only be painted on the road rather than a raised footpath.
      However, the lights alone should really cut the speed of the traffic.

  1. That is really excellent news Mark. This was talked about when the planning consent was discussed for the Manor Farm Barns, and I’m delighted it really is coming to pass – especially the footway. Will this work like the Shillingford Bridge single lane system?

  2. Hi Steve
    Yes, it will work like the Shillingford Bridge system. It should stop all the young chaps who take the bridge too fast and end up in the hedge on the opposite side or, in many ways worse, speeding into the village.

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