Pavilion Update

Here is a link to the latest post on Bill Nicholls’ blog about the New Pavilion:
As you can see things are going really well.

We have heard from the contractor that the building will be finished a little later than their initial estimate of 19th April, but we still hope to have the official opening on 11th May.


A Cause For Some “Alarm”.

You may have seen the story in The Herald this week about the Cholsey lady living in SHELTERED HOUSING who had a stroke in her bath and wasn’t found for three days.

I am calling on Soha to re-visit their policy on emergency alarms for elderly and vulnerable people. They claim that residents are provided with alarms if they want or need them. Well surely you only need an alarm when you need an alarm – as this case proves!

Rather shockingly the Soha spokesman seems to be claiming credit for the fact that it was one of their employees who found the woman – AFTER THREE DAYS.

I think Soha are lucky not to have a Staffordshire style enquiry on their hands.

Canvassing Underway….

I have started my campaign to win a seat on Oxfordshire County Council for the new Benson and Cholsey division.

I am really keen to get on to OCC as I believe that a good councillor, who lives in the area and is able to work with the employees of the Council, can affect real change in the lives of people who need help and support. As we have found in Cholsey it is also possible to get new services and facilities through working directly with the County – as well as reverse some decisions which would have a negative impact!

The County Council runs large services such as education, social services and highways. Libraries, public transport and the registrar service are also the province of the County.

The new division includes the villages of Benson, Cholsey, Crowmarsh Gifford, Preston Crowmarsh, Moulsford, Ipsden and Nuffield.

Election day is Thursday 2nd May: Please consider voting for me, as I am an active,  commmitted candidtate, who has the time and skills to devote to this position.

Poor Decision About Representation on SODC

The Boundary Commission appears to have made a real hash of re-warding the SODC electoral areas. This after covering themselves in glory by putting Benson and Cholsey in the same County Council Division.

Their latest wheeze involves putting Cholsey and Brightwell together as a two member ward for the District Council. The re-warding is necessary as SODC has decided to slim down the number of councillors from 48 to 36.

All councils involved – including SODC -have protested against this decision, but still the BC has pressed on with it. Not clever!

Why can’t Cholsey have its own representative? We are a huge village with many social problems and lack of infrastructure.

Didcot Power Station Closes

In case you didn’t already know Didcot A puffed its last puff at 2pm today.

The “iconic” towers will go within the next few years as both nPower and SODC took measures to ensure they could not be listed.

The gas fired Didcot B – the tall tower with the red lights at night – will continue for many years to come.

A Doctor For Cholsey……..Again

I went along this morning with Ed Vaizey to talk to the new NHS Commissioners for the county about why they turned down our request for a surgery in the village.

The chief exec. of the new body said they had not been aware that a local practice had offered to provide a service to the village and that this might put a different complexion on things.

The commissioners have agreed to meet us in the New Pavilion within the next month to further discuss the possibility of a surgery in the village.

Watch this space……

Pooh Sticks Cancelled

I just got the following from Munro Watt:

Unfortunately due to river conditions, pooh sticks has been cancelled on Sunday. 

Munro Watt

4:47pm Mar 22

I have a Large Bouncy Castle hired for Sunday which I am under contract to pay for.
If you are in Oxfordshire I suppose I could transfer the booking to a location to some place were it would fit (it’s 16 foot square) and willing to make a contribution towards (it’s costing us ~ £140 for the day)
Otherwise it all goes to waste. Yes I have tried to postpone the booking to no avail.
Sensible ideas / offers only please