Moulsford Traffic Chaos

I feel a bit like Sally Traffic here, but you may have noticed that there is a bit of a problem on the 329 between Waterloo Bridge and the petrol station.

Three way traffic lights have been put in place and are causing tailbacks and a degree of gridlock.

The cause of the problem is that rabbits have burrowed under the footpath and to some degree the road itself. This will need considerable engineering work and the County has no money left in the roads budget.

Road users are advised to make detours if at all possible, particularly at peak times.


4 thoughts on “Moulsford Traffic Chaos

  1. hi seems we have a ‘temporary’ footpath and lights but no budget to fix anything – just seems silly to have these lights and bollards here with no scheduled dates for work??

    • Hi Malcolm
      There should be some developments in the near future. I spoke to the County and their primary – and indeed statutory -concern has to be pedestrian safety. Hence the set up that is currently there.
      Best wishes

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