OCC Suspends Gravel Strategy

Due to the criticisms raised by the Inspector the County Council has agreed to suspend the Minerals and Waste Core Strategy. In a letter sent to all councillors Chris Kenneford, Planning Regulation Service Manager said:
“we have therefore now agreed with the Inspector that the Examination process (which began with the submission of the plan last October) will be placed on hold until the end of May this year, at which stage we will let the Inspector know how the County Council wishes to proceed with the plan. He will then announce new arrangements for the subsequent stages as appropriate.
In the intervening period, technical work will continue as planned, primarily focusing on the additional information which the Inspector has previously asked us to provide.”
This does not mean that the gravel pit has gone away, far from it, but it does mean that the County has been seen as having erred in its preparation of the Core Strategy. This must help us to some degree as if the County can be shown to have made a mistake in one area they might well have made others elsewhere.

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