Morrison’s Supermarket for Wallingford Update

The wallingford and Cholsey district councillors met with a number of representatives from Morrison’s on Tuesday to discuss the progress of their application.

We were briefed on a number of issues such as Environment Agency concerns around the impact of the petrol tanks on the water table and the proposed bus service link to the town centre.

As I have said before I support this application and I have always said Wallingford should have a cheaper supermarket, but I am concerned at the impact that the new store might have on the town centre shops.

I understand that the store will sell 20% non food items, despite the earlier claims of being a “fresh” branded store that sells mainly food. My particular concern is for the book shop. I asked if they will sell books and I got an ambiguous “we will have  a book offer” response.

Having spoken to Ali at Wallingford Bookshop I understand that “top twenty” paperbacks are a major part of her bread and butter and she is, quite rightly, concerned that the advent of Morrison’s is just another aspect of death by a thousand cuts.

I understand that the Retail Impact Assessment commissioned by SODC suggests that the impact of the new supermarket will be much greater than Morrison’s are prepared to accept.



8 thoughts on “Morrison’s Supermarket for Wallingford Update

  1. Dear Mark, Sounds like you really should not be supporting Morrison’s out of town development. Surely we should all be pushing for a cheaper supermarket in Wallingford town centre. Liz Gordon

  2. Mark
    Unless you want an out-of-store supermarket, don’t support Morrisons. All the research shows that it will damage the town centre. The Coop has planning permission for a smaller store on the old Waitrose site in the town centre.
    Alison Smart

  3. Mark is only echoing what the majority of people want in the area as for the Coop they have had years to come up with a solution to the old Waitrose site after all they do own it. Remember not everyone wants to shop at Waitrose and pay premium prices for food, most people go to Tesco so at least they will have the choice of not going as far now. Looking round Wallingford how long before people are driven away because of all the charity shops which are opening it’s not the supermarket which has done this it’s the recession.

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  5. Thinking of positives, the Morrisons store will bring in a lot of trade from surrounding villages and towns. The majority of the residents in Wallingford don’t shop in the town anyway. As for the Co-Op, I had heard that there has been strong opposition to it as well. Maybe we all need to embrace the future, allow change and let the town develop, instead of being too picky and inadvertently killing the town. I’m all for change, without change we have nowhere to go.

    • Good point Clint. I agree, lack of action will ultimately see the town centre die. There is evidence from elsewhere that a new supermarket could draw people to the town. I think Morrisons have novelty on their side too – there isn’t one for miles around, so at least initially people will be drawn to see what it’s like.

      • That’s a food point Mark, they also hold some very strong family and community values, far better than some other supermarkets. I also think people are forgrtting that we’re talking about 300 new jobs in Wallingford. Thats massive! More people out of unemployment, more people with more money to spend and being Morrisons always aim to keep the majority within a 3mile radius thats money these people will spend locally. It’s so nice to hear other local residents all for change.

  6. I would like to add if anyone has shopped in a co-op recently. they are not a cheap shop by far. and that sell books and other bits as well. Morrison’s have shown a lot more commitment to Wallingford.

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