Government “Steals” Parish Council Money

The Parish Council’s element of the Council Tax has now been set.

We are delighted to have achieved this, but very unhappy to have had to put it up by 4.9% as, despite our prudence, the Government has skimmed off around £10,000 to help pay for Council Tax Benefit.

This change to the way tax is collected means that any financial benefit the village should have accrued from the growth at Fair Mile has been completely lost.

We are writing to Ed Vaizey and SODC about being forced to put up our element of the Council Tax.


3 thoughts on “Government “Steals” Parish Council Money

  1. Hello Mark
    A Happy New Year to you.
    Something is wrong here. The government has in fact given to the District Council a sum of money which will ensure that if you wish to receive the same amount of precept money and at the same time don’t want to show an increase in %age terms on your band ‘D’ tax rate SODC will make up the difference. I had this explained in great deal at Scrutiny last Tuesday.Steve Bishop also explained it at the Opposition Forum before Christmas.

    Roger Bell.

    • Hi Roger
      Happy New Year to you too!
      The issue here relates to us having lots of people in the village who are accessing council tax benefit. The amount of rebate we were given is about half of our shortfall.
      Best wishes

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