Waitrose Community Matters: Result

Pleased to report that the Community Library will receive £229 as a result of their green token collection. Many thanks to Waitrose for their support.

We will use the money towards the purchase of a new computer for public use once we move into our new home in the new Pavilion.


Another Waste Update

SODC/ Biffa are saying that the weather report for the next few days is not looking favourable at present. If the ice has cleared by the weekend, they will be making collections on Saturday to try and catch up with some of the backlog.

In line with their adverse weather plan they are telling residents that if their bin has not been emptied after 3 days disruption, to take in the bin in.

The situation is being reviewed on a daily basis.

Further  Information is also available via twitter, Biffa’s smart phone app Binfo and text message. Signing up for these options can be done on the SODC website.

Icy Weather: Bins Update

Just got this from SODC Bins Dept. Hope it helps:
“Our waste crews were out on the roads today (Monday) attempted to make collections.  However, the ice on untreated roads in some residential areas made it too dangerous for the waste crews to drive their lorries on.
The crews will be out again tomorrow, but as the temperature is not forecast to rise significantly, we anticipate having a similar problem then.  Our current advice to residents is that if their bin remains unemptied they should leave it at the roadside and we will endeavour to get back to them if conditions improve.  However, given the daily increasing backlog until conditions improve, if we are unable to get back to them within three days, they should take their bins back in. 
If this occurs, we will collect their waste on the next scheduled day for that kind of waste (if it was a landfill waste collection missed for example, it will be collected on their next scheduled landfill waste day).  Under these circumstances, any excess waste left out next to full bins in a bin bag or other container will be collected.
We will continue to update residents via our website at the address below, and via twitter and our text message service and the smartphone app Binfo, as well as notifying the local press.
Kind regards
Andy Roberts
Senior Shared Communications Officer”

Gravel Pit Update

It is looking increasingly likely that the Examination In Public (EIP) of the County Council’s Minerals and Waste Strategy will be in May.

CAGE will be fighting against the proposed gravel pit on behalf of the village, using the same barrister who helped us to put together our submission to the inspector.

Cholsey Parish Council has just agreed to contribute a further £2,500 towards the fighting fund.

Government “Steals” Parish Council Money

The Parish Council’s element of the Council Tax has now been set.

We are delighted to have achieved this, but very unhappy to have had to put it up by 4.9% as, despite our prudence, the Government has skimmed off around £10,000 to help pay for Council Tax Benefit.

This change to the way tax is collected means that any financial benefit the village should have accrued from the growth at Fair Mile has been completely lost.

We are writing to Ed Vaizey and SODC about being forced to put up our element of the Council Tax.

Library Tokens at Waitrose

Cholsey Community Library is one of the Wallingford Waitrose Community Matters good causes for January.

Can I encourage you to support our move to a purpose built library facility in the New Pavilion by donating your green tokens.

The money raised will go towards providing computers in the new building to ensure that all Cholsey residents can have low cost or free access to IT and the internet.