Core Strategy Inspector Chooses Site B

The Core Strategy inspector, Mr Foster, has come down in favour of Site B – Slade End Farm –  as the site of the new homes for Wallingford. This should mean that Winterbrook is safe from the developers for the next fifteen to twenty years.

This means that the 550 new homes will not now be built in Winterbrook. A real relief for the people who live there, especially after the inspector’s earlier pronouncement in favour of Winterbrook.

We all think that getting SODC to class Winterbrook as a Conservation Area really helped to swing the inspector in our favour.

At Parish Council we have come under fire for supporting and helping the Save Winterbrook campaign financially. I think this excellent result exonerates our decision to support this and other community based campaigns.

Let’s hope the CAGE “Stop The Gravel Pit” campaign will have a similar result.

It has been a pleasure to work with and support the Save Winterbrook campaign.


One thought on “Core Strategy Inspector Chooses Site B

  1. Your support for the Save Winterbrook Campaign and the biased outcome does not exonerate you or your cohorts on the Cholsey Parish Council. Your support for building at Slade End – in Wallingford (not Cholsey) will blight another community more so than it would of if this development of 555 houses was at Winterbrook -where it rightly should be.

    The decision by the so called Independent Government Inspector shows that Stupidity will over Common Sense when vast sums of money are involved.

    I am sure that you are aware, as you are one of Duckers puppets that SODC were in discussions with Prupim back in 2006, so this was a given long before any sham Public Consultation was organised by SODC.

    Mark, I hope you hang your head in shame for the years of distress, upheaval and disruption that many residents of North Wallingford many elderly will have to endure, thanks in part to the likes of you and others like you – particularly unscrupulous cabinet members of SODC the affluent residents of the Winterbrook community and not the Wallingford Community…….


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