New road safety schemes in the village

Just in from a very positive meeting with the County Council.

Following pressure from the Parish council and the Cholsey Green travel Group the County Council have come up with a partial solution to the parking problems at the school. They propose traffic lights on the Church Road bridge (these will have the added advantage of slowing traffic entering and leaving the village) and a footway connecting the church car park to the school. These plans have still to be approved, but they appear to be fully funded. Thanks are due to County Councillor, Patrick Green, for a £10,000 contribution from his locality transport fund.

Our proposal to provide a cycle path connecting the top end of Ilges Lane to the Reading Road has also been worked up and is feasible. Unfortunately there is no guaranteed funding for this project, but officers will attempt to obtain the money from a variety of sources.


3 thoughts on “New road safety schemes in the village

  1. Mark

    I thought this cycle path was one of the schemes which the Fairmile developers agreed to fund as part of their sustainability commitment.

  2. Hi Barrie
    The Fair Mile developers are completing the “missing link” along the Reading Road – a section of pathway that, for whatever reason lost in the mists of time, was never completed.

    Our scheme will allow cyclists to access the Reading Road path from Ilges Lane giving a safe route to Wallingford, it will also give people from Fair Mile a shorter and safer route to the village centre.

    • Mark

      I understand about the missing link. All I am saying is that, originally, the developers also agreed to fund the cycle path from the Reading Road to Ilges Lane.


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