Fun In The Park

I’m really delighted with the success of the play scheme.

The Parish Council and Extended Schools have contracted Wallingford Children’s Centre to provide a range of activities to help entertain children for the middle two weeks of the summer holiday.

A range of activities have been on offer, including a climbing wall, skate park and members of the Oxford United squad running a training session.

Further activities will continue until the end of the holiday, including sessions organised by The Barn Gym, another visit from The Fun Bus and an entertainment session with a children’s entertainer and “the bubble man” on the 29th.


Gravel Pit Latest

Back from hols and back on the case…..
Apparently OCC have not yet submitted their proposed Minerals and Waste Core Strategy.   Presumably they are giving the matter some long hard thought.
I am told that it seems unlikely the strategy will be submitted certainly until September and if it is submitted in September then the EIP is likely to be in January.