Treehouse School to open in September

News from Lee Ryman:
I am delighted to inform you that our first ofsted inspection went really well and that we have been given permission to open The Treehouse in September.  There is no doubt that we would not have got to this point without a great deal of support and encouragement from you all, so we would like to take this opportunity to thank you most deeply for the contribution that you have made towards The Treehouse.
As you may be aware, over the last two weeks, we have been working alongside a host of willing volunteers to prepare the building and grounds that the school will operate from (if you have a chance take a look at our blog Once again, we have been overwhelmed by the help that we have received, with a host of highly skilled tradesmen and growing voluntary workforce (40 + volunteers in total) coming to our aid.  In addition, local people and businesses have kindly donated materials and items that were needed, for example a brand new toilet, slabs and tiles, thus saving the Trust a great deal of money.
We are now starting to think about furnishing and equipping the school and in line with the school’s philosophy are very keen to use as many good quality second-hand items as possible.  I have attached a letter and list giving more details.  If you are able to help us in any way, we would be most grateful. Our thanks to those of you who have already pledged or donated items – we are  beginning to see the school taking shape already.

New Pavilion News

We now have well over £620,000 committed towards the building of this important new facility for the village. Reaching this milestone has allowed the Parish Council to apply to the Home Office for permission to take a mortgage to make up the remainder of the build cost.

If we get borrowing approval, we should be able to start work on site in very early September.

It really does feel like the new building will happen and i have been really pleased at the response from people when we have been showing the plans and architect impressions at local events.

We still need to furnish the building, so please consider buying a brick to help with these costs. Bricks cost £50 and can be inscribed with a message of your own devising.

Poor Planning Decision from SODC

SODC have granted planning permission for a property to be built on the tiniest piece of land off Station Road.

The Parish Council has long campaigned to stop this kind of “back land” development and it was one of the key demands of the Cholsey village Plan. We were also delighted when the government said it would put a stop to this sort of anti-social development.

I attended the Planning Committee and produced a submission from the Parish Council, but to no avail.

Unfortunately there is no right to appeal on planning decisions of this sort, but I will certainly take it up with the chair. of the Planning Committee and Ed Vaizey.

Children’s Bus Pass Update

I understand two children have now been given bus passes for the new school year; one on health grounds and the other for, as yet, undisclosed reasons.

We have also heard that the county council will no longer accept whole village appeals, preferring to look at individual cases. This is obviously in response to Drayton and Marcham winning their cases.

We will continue the fight against the withdrawal of bus passes for children who live (just in our case) under the three mile limit. If you can help, please let me know

Submission Submitted

The CAGE submission to the OCC Minerals Consultation has been handed to the County Council. OCC will pass the submission on to the government inspector for him to digest prior to the Examination in Public later in the autumn.

Well over a thousand local people signed up to the submission.

Cholsey Parish Council and Wallingford Town Council both submitted short responses supporting the CAGE submission.

If you would like to read the submission, please visit the CAGE website

Ed Vaizey Joins School Bus Pass Protest

Local MP Ed Vaizey joined a small protest group walking part of the way to Wallingford School.

A group of about forty children, parents and grandparents walked from the Green Lane on the Wallingford Road to the by-pass.

Ed was really surprised at the poor state of the path, its width and the proximity of passing traffic – particularly lorries. We also spent an amount of time at the by-pass watching the speed of the traffic and listening to the concerns of parents.

ImageThe demo was joined by Will Willis, head of Wallingford School, deputy head Mr Leeds and County Councillor Lynda Atkins.