Removal of Free School Bus Travel From Cholsey to Wallingford School.

Shame on the County Council. They are planning to remove free school transport for Cholsey children living within three miles walking distance of Wallingford School.

This means eleven year olds could be walking along the Wallingford Road – a path that is less than 60cm (two feet) wide in places and may soon run parallel to a gravel pit with all its lorries. Another (BAD)decision.from our County Council.

Having run the gauntlet of the Wallingford Road they will then have to cross the by-pass – also “safe” in the early morning rush hour according to the County Council. 

I met a group of mums this evening who are very worried about this prospect. We have come up with a plan of action including a petition, a meeting with our County Councillor and encouraging people to follow the County’s appeals procedure.

Something that has really shocked me is that there are County employees working out the lengths of individual children’s distances to school – using Google Maps. That really is a job you could feel proud of.

If you can help to campaign against this very poor decision, please get in touch with me.


3 thoughts on “Removal of Free School Bus Travel From Cholsey to Wallingford School.

  1. This is absolutely ridiculous, I bet you nothing will be done until a childs life is taken. I have 2 children that will both be affected by this. How irresponsible of the council, again this is all about money. You have the gravel pit plans going ahead even though loads of children have to walk up this road. You have idiotic drivers who don`t give a damn about anyone. People have lost their lives on this road as it is, “cyclists.” Only the other week my neighbour was knocked off her bike, next time that will be a child. Well its all on their conscience, well thats if they have one…..the council that is.

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