Winterbrook Has Its Day

Having spent much of Tuesday in my cold addled state at the EiP I am pleased to say that I felt that every issue that was discussed actually pointed to development away from Winterbrook and towards Site B. Every input by neutral parties, even those who purported to have no opinion about site selection, said directly or indirectly that development should be on B.

The only area where I felt there was some parity was on footpath access, but even with that it seems that the advantages of current rights of way and the difficulties of providing security lighting which balances with the needs of ‘wildlife corridor lighting’ swung the balance of that issue towards development on B.

We shouldn’t underestimate the importance either of SODC favouring Site B (as they have always done) as this is their plan. An issue that could have increasing importance under the government’s new planning framework.

I know that the questions asked by the inspector on Tuesday are not the be all and end all of this current saga, but let’s hope they give him the answers he needs to enable OUR council to choose the correct site for future housing in OUR area.


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