Morrisons open by 2014?

Interesting meeting with Morrisons reps and other councillors.

SODC officers have said they would not welcome an application out at Hithercroft as their priority is to get the old Waitrose occupied and they oppose out-of-town developments. Morrisons not keen on this site as it can only accommodate a store half the size of their planned development. A town centre store will also cause more congestion and put further pressure on the, already constrained, parking.

It is clear that Morrisons are putting a lot of energy into this site as part of their push into the south of England. They have contracted to buy the site.

On the plans we saw there was a 55,000sq ft store (29,000 given over to sales), a petrol station, 282 car parking spaces and a vehicular access from Lupton Road. There is also a pedestrian entrance from Hithercroft Road.

Morrisons are talking of an opening date somewhere in 2014, following an extensive local consultation, the application process and finally the build.


2 thoughts on “Morrisons open by 2014?

  1. As Morrisons sell only groceries, I don’t see it being competition to any stores in town except Waitrose. I’m sure they can stand the competition. At least it would keep the money in or near Wallingford instead of disappearing to Didcot, as happens currently. And although I dislike the idea of too many new houses being built in Wallingford, especially in the light of the Government’s and Council’s inability to enforce grey-water recycling, solar panels, under-floor insulation etc being built in at the start, I think we will have to accept some. This would build in some facility for the new homes.

    Re the old Waitrose store, perhaps a supermarket is not the best use for it. We should not be too fixed in our ideas for the space. It could accommodate a number of suitable businesses – even a boutique hotel.

    • Hi Catherine
      I completely agree with all you say.It will be good for Wallingford to have a cheaper supermarket and contrary to the contentions of many, I think it may keep trade in the town.

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