Gravel pit decision

Entirely predictably Oxfordshire County Council, at the full Council meeting, has decided to impose a gravel pit on Cholsey.

The County have done this despite some very strong arguments from CAGE and the town and parish councils. We have also been joined in opposition to the plan by the two AONBs (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty) that surround the sites. Both AONBs say that the sites should not be developed until all other sites have been explored.

The fight against the imposition of the pit will go on. CAGE will continue to amass evidence to present to the Government Inspector at the Enquiry in Public in the autumn.


4 thoughts on “Gravel pit decision

  1. Hi Mark,
    Has anyone made a request for how they made the decision under freedom of information act?

    • Hi Ali
      We have seen the process via minutes, however you are right re the FoI as there is an opaque period of time from which Cholsey emerges as the preferred site. Perhaps we need to dig deeper.

  2. It was a predictable outcome. Cholsey can indeed continue its fight to prevent the gravel extraction here, and try to shift it to another site, where opposition will also be raised. I wish you well in the struggle.

    In the event that the Inspector’s decision upholds that of OCC, I would like to volunteer myself a strong role in building a sound and well argued case for mitigation of impact, to gain the maximum possible Section 106 benefit for the village, and ensure that the final post-extraction landscape is an asset to the village and a very significant site for biodiversity. The potential is great.
    Steve Head

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