Grundon’s Gravel Gamble

Following yesterday’s exhibition by Grundon, about their plans for gravel extraction at New Barn Farm, many people have assumed that they have planning permission and will be pushing ahead with their plans.

This is not the case; Grundon have to apply to Oxfordshire County Council for permission to extract. I believe that they will not be given permission as their application is pre-emptive and lies outside the strategy document that has been produced by OCC. They are hoping to be allowed to dig their pit before the Council has a policy to guide minerals extraction.

When there is an application CAGE, the Parish Council and I will swing into action to garner public opinion across both Wallingford and Cholsey


Children’s Centre Auction

Just a quick reminder about the auction that is taking place this Saturday to raise funds for the new children’s centre.
The auction is in The Pavilion, Station Road from 2 to 5 with viewing from 1pm.
We have many great lots, including a Prada handbag, a Lavazza coffee maker, steam generator iron and an Ercol occasional table.
Please come along and support this unique village facility.

Gravel Pit Update

After their less than competent performance at last week’s Parish Council meeting, Grundon are mounting a public exhibition to show their plans for New Barn Farm.
The exhibition will be held in the Pavilion on Monday 14th from 2 to 8pm. They will discuss their thoughts on how they will extract hundreds of thousands of tonnes of gravel over a period of up to twenty years.
Please come along to tell them what you think of their plans…..

Sewage and Flooding Update

Following local concerns about flooding and sewage issues I and Parish Council colleagues have met with representatives from Thames Water.
We heard that there is plenty of capacity at the pumping station, even given the number of extra houses to be built in the village. When asked about the number of breakdowns at the plant this winter we were told this is due to issues with the electronics and they have this in hand.
The Parish Council’s Estates Manager, Karl Musson, will monitor progress on replacement of the electronics.
As regards the Sewage Treatment Works we were told that plans for an increase in capacity are already in hand. An increase will be necessary as the works treats sewage from Wallingford as well as Cholsey and the number of new houses across the two communities is likely to top 1,000.

Oxford Flood Defence – Will It Affect Us?

I went today to look at the exhibition for the new flood defence channel in Oxford, as I know many people locally are worried about the potential effect it could have on those of us lower down the Thames in times of flood.
The staff from the Environment Agency are at pains to point out that any scheme will be modelled to ensure there will be no ill effects for neighbouring communities. They say that rather than dumping water on us it will regulate the flow, so the water runs for a longer period.
The EA staff have agreed to run a consultation in Wallingford in the next few weeks so we can see what is planned and question them on any likely effects.